Capturing Memories

Family Photography

"A birth certificate proves you were born.  A death certificate proves you died. Photos prove that you lived."  How many families do you know who don't have current (or any) family photos.  We love helping our clients document their family's journey, no matter what...

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Upcoming Events at Burden Photography

Fall has arrived. The leaves are gone and the snow is threatening to stay. I hope you have seen all the lovely families we had the honour of photographing again this fall, some previous clients, some new friends.  The days of outdoor photography are not over, but you...

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November Blog Post – Christmas Card Minis

  November has been busy in the studio, as Mother Nature reminds us that winter is on its way and that means Christmas. We set up our studio in the Tri-City Mall and invited families in to capture that perfect Christmas card photo. Take a look at some of the...

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Pollard Family in the Studio

The winds picked up, the bottom dropped out of the temperature, and the idea of an outdoor shoot got less and less likely as this week went on, so yesterday's planned shoot at the Marina became today's shoot in the studio. The heated floor kept us all warm, the light...

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